Dewa Athena is a sports event of SMAN 3 Bandung. Dewa Athena held on March 23-24th, 2017 for grade eleven and on March 25 and April 01, 2017 for grade ten. When we were doing a report acceptance, our jersey was shared. So, we can use it for tomorrow in Dewa Athena. Dewa Athena organize some branches of sport such as volleyball, dodge ball, basketball, badminton, and many more. I participated in this events because I played badminton with Ameera Eka Fitri. We represent our class that is X Science 3 to compete against neighboring classes, X Science 2. We compete when Dewa Athena had a first session dated March 25, 2017 at half past eight.
Before we compete, we practiced about fifteen minutes since we mainly I have not played badminton again since I was elementary school. Then, we also taught about how to play badminton, the system, and some of the techniques by a friend who join a badminton club at school. We were told what to do and not. But, we lost the match with the final result 10-1…

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